Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It has been a rough week, folks. The tendrils of wanderlust are creeping around and I am having trouble focusing on anything other than being anywhere other than where I am.

BUT! Yesterday was a day for being artistic with looks and photo editing apps. Now normally, I don’t get dolled up and take self portraits, but I have to admit that it was interesting and fun to see what the different filters could do and experimenting with makeup in a slightly avant-garde way.

This is by far my favorite photo. The hue was edited before using a filter that brought out more contrast.



As far as the makeup, I tried a technique that was taken much further by ‘human Barbie’ Valeria Lukyanova. The technique of lining your lower lids with white to give the illusion of bigger eyes isn’t exactly new, but I wouldn’t have thought of underlining the WHOLE lower eyelid and then following up by lining under that with black liner. She usually exaggerates hers much more to achieve a doll-like look, but I chose to go more subtle. I paired that with a rich, red, wig and blue contacts in tribute to my favorite Disney princess, Ariel and voilà!


Ready to lose my voice

For an evening look, I just did a simple eye ‘tattoo’, inspired by the Eye of Horus. I paired it with the black wig I used for my Wonder Woman costume last Halloween and pinned up the bangs with a couple barrettes. I feel that this is something I could put to use more often, possibly at work.


Walk like an Egyptian

For the editing, I used Pixlr Express for Droid. I like the ease and efficiency of the app, it was easy to use the ‘heal’ to remove blemishes and there are a good amount of filters for a free app. My favorite filter is ‘Alex’. It creates a flawless, porcelain, effect on the skin.

So I guess there are some perks to being a female. Unfortunately, I feel it takes too much work just for minimal makeup to do it everyday. Once in a while, though, it’s fun to be vain.


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